Being a sustainable eco-friendly business

Calling yourself eco-friendly and being eco-friendly can be two very different things…

We have always tried to be as transparent as possible with ingredients and packaging we use so you know exactly what you are buying and the story behind it.

Whenever we come up with a new product we look at what we could do to make sure it fits within our standards of sustainability and is as natural as possible. For example our first product range of natural soap bars wrapped in papers made from recycled coffee cups, these papers are produced by Croppers in one of the only plants in the world that can process coffee cups and turn them back into papers. We then use these papers in our wax printer which not only produces a high grade detail print but is much better for the environment than I regular ink printer. We use this printer for our entire label printing process across all products including soy wax candles & essential oil diffusers.

Packaging for all our products is really important not only for look and feel but how it fits in with our brand. All the containers we use are easily recyclable or reusable for example the aluminium candle tins, glass diffuser bottles including wooden top and reeds, wooden gift boxes which are filled with Wood Wool an incredibly eco friendly filler. All our merchandisers and boxes we use are made from recycled cardboard often being left with a natural finish to avoid the papers going through extra processes.

Most importantly are the ingredients used in our products. We source all of our ingredients very carefully and only use ethical suppliers that include animal cruelty free. We only use natural ingredients including our 100% pure high-grade essential oils with many of the oils we use being organic. We only use natural colours and botanicals to give our products different looks and smell.

Whether it’s the soy wax we use in our candles or the soy based diffusers its important to remember all the factors that go into a product and what you really want to spend your money on, mass produced rubbish or something handmade with care and attention!

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Sustainable eco-friendly bespoke candles
Sustainable eco-friendly essential oils

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